HARPA AI, A Bard & GPT Powered Multi-purpose Chrome Extension


In the world of web browsing and automation, HARPA AI stands as a revolutionary copilot seamlessly integrating the powers of OpenAI ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, ClaudeAI, Bard, web monitoring and automation into your browsing experience.

This HARPA AI chrome extension is designed to enhance productivity and it is a versatile tool that brings intelligence to every tab.

What is HARPA AI:


HARPA AI, short for High Availability Robotic Process Automation, stands as a groundbreaking Google Chrome Extension designed to revolutionize the way users interact with the web.

At its core, HARPA AI harnesses the power of a hybrid AI engine, seamlessly integrating ChatGPT with Web Automation.

The primary objective of HARPA AI is to empower users to automate a myriad of tasks spanning from copywriting and web surfing to data extraction and monitoring.

What is HARPA AI Used For:


HARPA AI is a versatile automation tool designed to streamline various online tasks, making it an invaluable asset for users across different domains. It serves as an efficient solution for automating copywriting, web surfing and online data extraction.

Whether you need to compose emails, post comments, summarize content or engage with web pages and videos, HARPA AI chrome extension can swiftly handle these tasks. It also facilitates SEO keyword extraction, content planning for social media marketing, form filling automation, article writing and even reviewing CVs, job offers and legal documents.

Furthermore, HARPA AI excels in planning trips, monitoring competitors, tracking prices, SERP pages and conducting thorough online information searches.

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What Makes HARPA AI Different:


What sets HARPA AI apart is its ability to read, comprehend and act upon the content of web pages. It goes beyond simple automation by navigating, clicking and extracting data intelligently.

HARPA AI leverages Large Language Models by enabling it to understand and generate contextually relevant content. This tool stands out as the ultimate copilot and AI agent for web browsing extention and automation tasks.

Its unique feature allows users to integrate HARPA AI seamlessly with various web services and online apps providing access to AI capabilities on virtually any website. Whether triggering IFTTT chains through Zapier or enhancing your browsing experience, HARPA AI is a powerful and adaptable tool for diverse online activities.

Key Features of HARPA AI:


AI-Assisted Search and Web Browsing:

HARPA AI elevates your browsing experience by offering page-aware AI chat on any website. From answering queries next to search results to engaging with web pages, videos and PDFs, HARPA AI serves as an indispensable research assistant.

YouTube Video Summarizer:

Save time on lengthy videos with HARPA AI extension’s YouTube video summarizer. Simply navigate to YouTube and with a click, let HARPA AI provide concise summaries piece by piece.

Over 100+ Predefined Commands:

HARPA AI comes equipped with a rich set of predefined commands. Whether you need AI-powered translation, grammar checking, trip planning or SEO content writing, HARPA AI has you covered.

It even features a prompt wizard and an email writer for efficient communication.

Email Writer:

Streamline your email management with HARPA AI. It refines, rephrases and replies to emails, allowing you to zero your inbox 2-3 times faster.

Additionally, HARPA AI seamlessly integrates with popular email services.

Social Media Marketing Toolkit:

HARPA AI simplifies your social media marketing efforts by craft engaging captions and hashtags for various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Medium.

Spellchecker and Translator:

HARPA AI acts as a powerful language tool offering translation services and performing spellchecks similar to tools like Quillbot and Grammarly.

Long-Article AI Writer:

Unleash your creativity with HARPA AI extension’s long-article AI writer. From tweets to lengthy blog articles, HARPA AI can generate content in 18 writing styles, even learning and mimicking your unique writing style.

Fully Customizable Automation:

HARPA AI allows you to create custom AI-powered automation workflows, commands and bots.

Whether it’s extracting data, automating clicks or navigating the web, HARPA AI empowers you to automate tasks without code.

Website Monitoring & Task Automation:

Stay informed with HARPA AI’s built-in price and web page tracker. Set up auto-refresh monitors, detect price drops and receive alerts on any E-Commerce website.

Moreover, automate tasks, turn websites into APIs and trigger scenarios with ease.

SEO Companion:

Complementing tools like Semrush and Ahrefs, HARPA AI assists in SEO activities.

Extract keywords, perform audits, generate content plans and enhance your blog with relevant LSI keywords with the assistance of HARPA AI.

Privacy-Centered Design:

HARPA AI prioritizes user privacy by keeping all data local. It does not collect, sell or transmit any user data to external servers ensuring a secure and trustworthy user experience.

How to Install & Use HARPA AI:


Click “Add to Chrome” to install the HARPA AI Chrome extension.

Navigate to any web page you want to interact with.

Click the HARPA icon in the Chrome toolbar, opening a sidebar. Ask HARPA AI anything or switch to the MONITOR tab to start monitoring the page.

Future Releases:

HARPA AI continues to evolve with every release enhancing its intelligence and adding new features.

The development team is committed to constant improvement and welcomes user input for new use cases.

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Pros of HARPA AI:

Time and Cost Efficiency:

The automation capabilities of HARPA AI translate into significant time and cost savings for users.

Tasks that would traditionally require manual intervention can now be streamlined and executed more swiftly.

Intelligent Search Assistance:

HARPA AI’s ability to provide AI answers next to search results elevates the search experience. Users benefit from intelligent insights and information right at their fingertips.

Local Data Handling:

The emphasis on local browser execution ensures that user data remains within the user’s control.

This commitment to privacy contributes to a secure and trustworthy user experience.

Versatile Automation:

From copywriting to data extraction and monitoring, HARPA AI offers a wide range of automation capabilities. This versatility makes HARPA AI a valuable tool for users with diverse needs.

Seamless Content Generation:

Content creation becomes more efficient with HARPA AI’s ability to generate content intelligently.

Whether it’s writing emails or crafting social media posts, users can leverage AI assistance.


Cons of HARPA AI:

ChatGPT Account Requirement:

Some advanced features of HARPA AI may require a ChatGPT account. While this enhances functionality, it could be a limitation for users who may find account creation inaccessible or cost prohibitive.

Learning Curve:

As with any sophisticated tool, there might be a learning curve for users unfamiliar with AI-driven automation.

While HARPA AI aims to be user-friendly, some users may require time to fully grasp its capabilities.

Dependency on Internet Connectivity:

The effective functioning of HARPA AI is dependent on internet connectivity. Users in areas with unstable or limited internet access may experience disruptions in service.

Potential Overreliance on Automation:

There’s a risk that users might become overly reliant on automation, potentially overlooking critical aspects that require human judgment. Striking a balance between automation and human intervention is very crucial.

Variable Availability of Features:

The availability of some features might vary based on the users subscription or access level. Users on a limited plan may not have access to the full spectrum of HARPA AI features.


HARPA AI presents a transformative blend of ChatGPT and Web Automation, offering users unparalleled efficiency and intelligent web interaction.

With its versatile automation features, commitment to data privacy and AI-driven assistance, HARPA AI stands as a promising tool for navigating the evolving landscape of digital productivity. While considerations exist, HARPA AI’s potential to redefine web experiences is evident, marking a notable stride into the future of AI-powered browsing.

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