Free AI Tools for Digital Marketing Every Marketer Should Be Aware Of

Surfer SEO

This tool is ideal for digital marketers looking to increase the visibility of their website through its automated, data-driven SEO suggestions


An AI-driven content auditing platform, essential for marketers aiming to create high-quality, SEO-friendly content

Seventh Sense

By examining the interaction patterns of recipients, Seventh Sense has made email marketing simpler for the marketers


Launched in 2011, this tool  makes it possible for digital marketers to design unique workflows and automate tedious operations


This tool is indispensable for marketers looking for AI-powered customer care solutions across numerous channels

 An artificial intelligence platform that can be used to enhance social media advertising campaigns with AI driven optimization


 An artificial intelligence language translation tool offering accurate translations using neural networks


An invaluable resource for digital marketers who require fast, expert photo editing for visual content


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