10 Best AI Code Tools To Make Coding A Breeze


Tabnine is an AI-powered code completion tool that helps you code faster and more accurately in various languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby and more. It offers lightning-fast suggestions based on your coding style. There's no offline functionality and it offers Starter (free), Pro and Enterprise plans.

GitHub Copilot

Powered by OpenAI Codex and acts as an AI pair programmer. It understands natural language commands, accelerates coding speed and supports various programming languages.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer, powered by AWS Machine Learning, offers intelligent solutions to coding problems. It generates code snippets, analyzes for security vulnerabilities and works for 15 programming languages.


ChatGPT is an AI writing generator that helps with coding tasks. It can solve complex coding problems, find bugs and explain programming topics. It offers a free plan with access to GPT-3.5 and a ChatGPT Plus plan with access to GPT-4.


Replit is an online coding platform with real-time collaboration. It features Ghostwriter, an AI code generator and supports various programming languages. Plans include Free, Hacker, Pro, Business and free for educational institutes.


AskCodi is a virtual AI coding assistant for popular programming languages. It supports prompts in multiple languages and is available as an IDE extension which offers free and Premium plans.


Mintlify automates documentation creation and enhancement. It analyzes documentation for errors, readability and structure. Plans include Free, Startup and Enterprise.


Bugasura is an AI bug detection tool with a modern bug tracker. It automates bug detection, integrates with project management platforms and offers Free up to 5 users.

AI Helper Bot

AI Helper Bot generates SQL queries, optimizes queries and provides explanations without requiring SQL knowledge.

Studio Bot

Studio Bot is an AI coding companion for Android Studio that assist with code suggestions, auto-completion and snippets. Currently in beta, it's free to use in the US and caters to Android app development.


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